Schools, Groups & Holiday Clubs

I provide workshops for schools, holiday clubs and groups. You can also hire me for festivals and events. Schools, Holiday Clubs & Groups Students will be given a brief talk on mosaic art, have the opportunity to see and touch examples of mosaics and also have an opportunity to ask questions. I will then give a demonstration on how to place the tiles to the substrate and if required give a demonstration on the grouting process which holds the mosaics together and completes the design. Tiles are generally pre-cut making it suitable for younger children aged 4-6. For more complex designs, cutting may be required which the older children can get involved in under close supervision. Children love to be involved at the designing stage of mosaic projects so if you are thinking of a particular theme, get them involved as some of the simplest of drawings make the most amazing mosaics!

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Mosaics in schools are a great way for the children to learn a new skill and have fun whilst still relating to what they are being taught in the classroom.

It is easy to connect mosaics with the core subjects i.e. HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, DT NUMERACY & LITERACY. To find out more please email me and I will be happy to send you an information pack on costs and projects the school can get involved in.