Introducing …A New Collection

November 5, 2016
Original Art Makes the Best Gifts
November 23, 2016

Hi Readers!

Let me introduce my new mosaic collection on fabric, designed by me and produced by VIDA.

Vida have cleverly allowed the artist to have a voice not only through sculpture, canvass or other forms of media but now on something which is wearable, classy and just gorgeous!

Vida provides literacy programs to their makers who learn to read, write and do basic maths helping them to build a better life for themselves and their families.

VIDA range Orange Regal.png

Here is a great article by actress and blogger Candy Washington where you can read an exclusive interview with the CEO of Vida.

View my personal collection here where I have selected a few of my favourite designs over the years.

Happy shopping!

Creatively yours

Dionne x