New Year’s Day Thoughts for 2018

Well first of all let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

I am so thankful to see 2018 and I greet it with vigour, vitality and velocity.

Sadly I lost a few close friends and family in 2017 so I am grateful that I was able to reach my 50th birthday healthy and strong.

So its been a little while since I wrote a blog however I endeavour to revert to my old days of blogging more often as I love writing and putting my thoughts out there – plus I want to keep you informed of what’s going on in my busy creative life.

Let me start by saying I already have commissions coming through, a school that I will be working with and collaborations on the horizon. I will do my best to vlog these new enterprises as everyone loves a visual – so much more interesting.

I am also going to step out of my comfort zone more, take that little leap of faith and trust that everything will be ok. I won’t go into detail here but will let you know more as and when it happens.

Anyway, this blog is going to be short and sweet as I’m sure you have your own journeys to be getting on with so without further ado lovely people, wishing you a wonderful 2018 knowing that it may present its challenges but embrace it with open arms so that you may receive its great lessons.

Peace, love and light x


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  1. Fabian

    Hi Dionne
    Just a big thank you for sharing your creations and enthusiasm with us. Culturally beautiful and inspiring!
    Will endeavour to to support your work when I can.

    Have a blessed 2018

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