Happy International Women’s Day!

I want to share a little story with you. Now you may or may not have seen this mosaic before which is entitled “United We Stand”. The back story of which goes back a couple of years ago around Xmas where a group of us (women) were faced with a challenge at an event we attended. I had travelled over 2 hours on a wet and windy day to find the premises closed and no sign of anyone. The hosts hadn’t arrived yet and there was little ‘ole me sat in the car waiting for someone to arrive. Had I got the wrong day? You know I checked my diary about 3 times. I called the hosts but didn’t seem to get a coherent answer. Eventually after waiting a further half an hour or so people started to arrive but still no hosts. I must admit, I was peeved to say the least but I want to focus on the positive here.

So to cut a long story short, the hosts finally arrived with a thousand apologies and eventually we were able to get into the building. But guess what – nothing was set up. Tables were all stacked away and it was clear to us that if we wanted to be ready before the customers arrived we needed to work together and get it done. There was no time for moaning and groaning so we got working and as soon as your stall was ready you would go and help someone else. It was magical to see how we didn’t let the start of the day affect or ruin the rest of the day. We were a bunch of like-minded women who came together with positive energies with the intention of having a great day despite the challenges.

I was so moved by the spirit of the event that I decided to create this piece shown above honouring the hardwork, focus and dedication that day. A celebration of women coming together doing what we had to do to make something happen.

Whatever it is you are doing today – celebrate it, no matter how small it may be. There are so many things to be grateful for. We all go through challenges but its learning how to look for the solution and pushing through that counts.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you beautiful women!


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