Get Yourself Seen in 2017!

Happy New Year lovely readers!

I am just stopping by with a quick message.

I want to give thanks to the Most High for getting me through 2016 which I named the year of transformation and also big thanks to you all for supporting me.

I am now going into my third year as a full-time mosaic artist and let me tell you it has been challenging getting to this point and staying completely focused and committed. Did I manage to achieve all my goals from last year? Hmmm, not quite but I ticked off a whole heap so I am grateful and thankful for all the blessings I received and continue to receive.

I have now arrived at a new station and getting off to have a look around. I cannot wait to explore and see what this year holds. I am sensing that this year will be the year of coming out of my comfort zone, taking bold steps and being in radical action.

Watch out for some new stuff coming to these shores soon. Its going to be fabulous!

May your 2017 be full of abundance in all areas of your being and remember its ok to press the reset button!

Creatively yours

Dionne x



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