How I created my Mosaic Bowl

I have always wanted to have a go at creating my own mosaic bowl and so here I share how I did it, what went well and what didn’t. Enjoy!

So I purchased a plain ceramic bowl in my local charity shop. It was actually a good find costing just £2.00! What a bargain.

Next I decided to paint the base. Please note – It is NOT a good idea to paint the bowl first as it gets messy when grouting. Also check whether the paint you are using is suitable for the type of bowl you have. I should have just left it plain.

I already had an idea of what colour tiles I was going to use as I have a surplus of iridescent blue tiles which were gifted to me by Bisazza so it was just a matter of choosing complimentary tiles to go with them. In this project I used some left over red stained glass which I hand cut to the size I needed, a selection of Mexican pale blue glass and some blue vitreous glass.

I then mixed up some grey cement adhesive. In this instance I used Keraquick Rapid Set Flexible Adhesive by MAPEI (suitable for both internal and external usage). I ended up mixing 3 small batches of cement replacing each batch after about an hour and a bit.

I decided to start at the top of the bowl and work my way around, “buttering” each piece before putting it in place. The adhesive needs to be thick and smooth enough to ensure the tiles stay in place and don’t end up sliding down the bowl.

I kept going row by row, cleaning out any excess adhesive as I went.

When I reached the bottom of the bowl the space was too big to keep the pattern going all the way so I had to cut the tiles slightly smaller and at an angle for the penultimate circle and then used a “keystoning” method to achieve the last tiny circle and popped a gorgeous piece of millefiori in the centre to finish it off.

Before the cement totally hardened, I made sure I cleared away any excess cement popping up in between the tiles and lightly cleaned any residue off the surface. I should have looked a little closer as two of my tiles has decided to lean a little bit to the side so do make sure your tiles are lying completely flat before you allow the cement to harden.

To finish off this project I allowed the cement to cure over night and grouted the next day using a dark grey grout aka Anthracite also by MAPEI. (Take a look at my YouTube clip on how to grout).

After grouting I allowed the grout to “slake” for a few minutes before buffing the mosaic with a clean lint free cloth.

I really enjoyed this project and will definitely do another one. It took me about 5 hours to mosaic, including taking pics in between and a bit of video footage. Grouting and cleaning took approximately an hour.

Do please leave me your comments or questions and let me know how your projects turned out.


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  1. RoRo

    Absolutely love your work. I want to try mosaicing but I’m not sure how to cut the glass and tiles. What do I need?

    1. Qemamu Mosaics

      Thank you so much for your comments RoRo (love your name btw). To get started you will need a pair of wheeled nippers which can cut both stained glass and vitreous glass however you may need to cut your stained glass down to a more manageable size before using the wheeled nippers and to do this you will need a glass cutter. I am yet to do videos on all of this but in the meantime do check out I-C Mosaics for tutorials for all of this.

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