The Fashion and Lifestyle PopUp Shop is NOW OPEN!

Earlier this week I attended the launch of Kitty Ferreira & Friends Fashion and Lifestyle PopUp Event. It was a fabulous evening with a fantastic panel shown below.

From left to right we have Fee Uhssi (Ethical Fashion Artist), Francesco Mazzarella (Post-doctoral research fellow at London College of Fashion) and Sylwia Bajek (Brand Consultant – Fashion and Art) educating us on the challenges facing sustainability in fast fashion and how important education is to get the message across.

The discussion was so meaningful and interesting, helped along by ethical fashion guru Carol Rose who hosted the night and lead the panel effortlessly.

After the discussion I managed to have a chat with a couple of the other artisans and talk about their work.

I learnt many lessons from that evening but left with a sense of hope and solutions to how I can contribute better with my art practice in this world.

I invite you to come and support all the fantastic makers, designers and artists at the Kitty Ferreira Ethical Fashion & Lifestyle Revolution Pop Up shop in Canary Wharf, 39 Pepper Street E14 9RP.

A great opportunity to treat yourself while supporting an extremely positive ethos.

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