Meet Dionne

Dionne Ible is a UK born Mosaic Artist from Bedfordshire where she currently resides. She was first introduced to mosaic in 2002 after searching for a more creative interest outside of her 9-5 role working as a Legal Secretary.

Having found her artistic side, Dionne decided to take further training with Award Winning Mosaic Artists and also teaching herself.

Dionne has a distinctively vibrant style which is inspired by her African heritage. Using a blend of glass, beads and sometimes discarded objects, Dionne creates work that catches the eye and stirs the soul.

Since becoming a mosaic artist, Dionne has been aware of the potential wastage and has always resisted the need to throw away the left overs from completed projects. Instead she chooses to keep as much as possible to be reused in personal pieces, workshops and other art projects.

Dionne’s artistic journey is now leading her to take a deeper look into how she sources her materials and how she can create her art in a more ethical and resourceful way. This includes using discarded functional or decorative items and bringing them back to life but still maintaining the high quality of craftmanship that the new owners are accustomed.


I am hoping to show other businesses that they too can become more sustainable in their practices and with each person doing their bit we can ultimately lead to a more healthy and happy world.” 

– says Dionne